Frequently Asked Questions

I Only received part of my order

Fear Not! All orders are made to order through multiple different distributors, so depending on what you ordered it may be made and shipped from multiple different locations, so some items might be much quicker to get to you than others, depending on your location and where that specific product is coming from.

Problem with my Order

If you received a damaged item or the wrong item, or you think your rider might be lost, you can fill out the for HERE and I will try and get back to you asap!

My order is taking forever

Most of the items in my shop are made to order from different distributors who also make and ship items for a bunch of other artists & companies, they are usually pretty quick, but depending on how busy they get with other orders it might take a bit longer for your order to be made & get shipped out. The postal service’s are also kinda unpredictable these days, but if your order has already shipped & you think it might be lost in transit , try reaching out to your postal service with your tracking number to see what’s up, and if it’s lost or missing, you can fill out the form HERE and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can!